Family Tour of Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall at AMNH

by - 1/19/2013 04:05:00 PM

My son and I LOVE going to the museums, so we were excited to be invited to a special Family Party at the American Museum of Natural History to view the newly renovated Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall.

Note: I was invited as media to this event. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial at the American Museum of Natural History reopen recently after three years and an extensive $40 million renovation and is the official New York State memorial of the 26th President.

At the center of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall is a new life-size sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt, where visitors can sit and posed with for photos. Embedded on the floor is a new bronze medallion that show an American bison grazing surrounded by the inscription, “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country,” an excerpt from Roosevelt’s Confession of Faith speech.

On that level are new interactive exhibits charting Theodore Roosevelt’s journey from a naturalist to an elected leader. My son enjoyed swiping the screen and "reading", even thought a lot of it was a bit to advanced for a 4 years old. But it's still a child friendly aspect of the exhibit so kids (and adults) will learn a lot.

Also on that level are exhibition areas with never-before-displayed artifacts from the Museum’s collections that highlight Roosevelt’s fascination with nature and dedication to conservation.

Visitors will learn about a Young Naturalist who was fascinated with birds, including three African plovers he brought back from a family vacation to Egypt and later donated to the Museum, now on public display for the first time, and his path to becoming the Conservation President who placed more than 230 million acres under federal protection, including archaeological sites such as New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon, pottery from which will be on view in this hall.
During our visit we only saw a little area, there's lots more to the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial on other floors. Of course we plan on going back to see more of this and other exhibits.

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  1. A key to making your overall experience simply awesome, and you voiced this from the start.. You and your son 'LOVE' going to the museums. :-)

    For the several museums I've visited here in US as well as in other countries.. I'm in awe each an every time. Always much to see, learn & discover. Absolutely worth taking time to visit.

    It is cool they have added an interactive feel for children. I know one of my girls will enjoy learning about the young naturalist. :)

    Continue on with the remarkable learning adventures, and Thank you for sharing.