Driscoll’s National Blueberry Pancake Day at Sarabeth’s Tribeca

by - 2/04/2013 10:34:00 AM

When was the last time you enjoyed Blueberry Pancakes? I confess it has been a while for me. Usually when I have pancakes it's just plain and simple. But I do enjoy fruit with my pancakes so I was excited to see an invite from Driscoll’s Berries to celebrate National Pancake Day at Sarabeth's Tribeca.

Driscoll’s National Blueberry Pancake Day at Sarabeth’s Tribeca

That morning I joined other blogger and foodies to enjoy a breakfast made by Chef Lee Scheffler! It felt great to sit at a table with adults chatting about life and food. The restaurant it self was so warm and comfortable. The room was bright and the seating spacious. I could see enjoying many brunches and other meals there.

As I waited for breakfast to be served, I met some amazing women and enjoy a few morning laughs to start my day. I learned that Blueberries are great for this time of year, are high in antioxidants, are known to improve memory function and can reduce the effects of aging. So Blueberries were prefect to celebrate National Pancake Day.

bowl of Driscoll’s Berries

To start breakfast, I enjoyed a bowl of assorted berries including strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It was so fresh, juicy and yummy!

Blueberry pancakes made with Driscoll’s Berries

Then the Driscoll’s blueberry pancakes came out. My plate was over flowing with warm blueberry pancake goodness. The pancakes were light and the berries semi sweet. I really didn't need much syrup.

Sarabeth’s Tribeca Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausages

One of the side dishes included Chicken Apple Breakfast Sausages. Everyone at the table agreed they went great with the pancakes. SO good!

Sarabeth Levine

I really enjoyed taking the time to sit down and enjoy a healthy and filling breakfast. It really reminded me how simple and easy it is to eat healthy with your family. Before leaving I had the chance to speak with Sarabeth Levine, the women behind the famous Sarabeth’s Kitchen, about how more families can enjoy home cooked meals together.

Sarabeth shared that it's not hard to do and she wished more families would do this. I so agree with her and was happy to receive a copy of her book.  I can see little areas where I could introduce healthy options into my lifestyle and using berries is one of the easiest and beneficially healthy ways. Berries are great for cooking and making simple meals.....like pancakes.....taste better and have more nutrition

Driscoll’s Berries Get Fit Contest

If you would like to start adding berries in your life, try some of the Dricoll's Berries recipes found on the website.

While you there make sure to enter to win Driscoll monthly sweepstakes prize. You could win Driscoll’s Berries for a Year package or even the Grand Prize for A Body Solid Best Fitness Center Drive Elliptical Machine!

To learn more about Dricoll's Berries, visit - http://www.driscolls.com
To learn more about Sarabeth’s Kitchen, visit - http://www.sarabeth.com

Note: I was invited as media and received a gift bag after this event. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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