How We Celebrate Asian Lunar New Year as a Mixed Race Family

by - 2/01/2013 06:16:00 PM

I'm SO excited that February is here because that means I can join my Asian friends in celebrating the Asian Lunar New Year. I'm sure some of you are thinking, don't I mean "Chinese" new year? Well yes and no.

While many people know that this month is Chinese New Year, many don't know that other Asian cultures, including the Korean and Vietnamese, also celebrate a new year this month. What's more fun is that each Asian culture celebrates in their own unique way. Which means my son and I get to attend many different culture events and festivals.

Since my son was born, I've tried to attend a different celebrate each year.

Asian Chinese Lunar New Year 2009

In 2009, it was our first year attending the Flushing for the Asian Lunar New Year Parade. My son was very young then and while I was excited to show everything, he didn't seem very interested. Not even when he met his first dragon. Read my blog about it.

Asian Chinese Lunar New Year 2010

In 2010, we met friends and I took my son for his first taste of Dim Sum. Again I introduced him to the Dragon for good luck. Again he wasn't really impressed. But he did enjoy eating Dim Sum and learning to use chop sticks. Read my blog about it

Asian Chinese Lunar New Year 2011

In 2011, I decided to celebrate my son half Korean culture so we celebrated Korean New Year’s Day (Solla) at The Korea Society. There was lots to do, learn and eat! The day was also filled with traditional games and activities. Read my blog about it

Asian Chinese Lunar New Year 2012

In 2012, we went to the Rubin Museum of Art to celebrate the Himalayan New Year. There my son added his note to the New Year feeling board and I drank yak milk. We listen to songs, here stories and did things the Himalayan way. Read my blog about it

Sorry I only wrote a little bit. There was lots more we did that I didn't post about. Hey, I was busy that month!

Asian Chinese Lunar New Year 2013

So what are our plans to celebrate Asian Lunar New Year 2013? Since my son is attending his cousin birthday party and spending time with family, we have to miss the first set of Asian New Year events this weekend. I'm bummed about it but since the Asian culture celebrates New Year for this whole month, there's still lots of activities my son and I can still enjoy. I'll be sure to share recaps of events this month.

Happy Asian Lunar New Year of the Snake!

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  1. I love the wrap up of how you in your son celebrated Asian new year each year. Cute pictures!

  2. Love the photos and love that you embrace the Asian culture for Daniel.

  3. I totally admire your dedication. I can't wait to hear how your son reacts this year. Years down the line, he'll really appreciate all that you've done with and for him!

  4. Nice! I've been craving some good dim sum! Hope he enjoyed his first tast of it!

  5. This year should really be fun because he's older now and can really enjoy the activities. Hope you ladies have a great Asian New Year!