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During the time I breastfed my son, I looked for products that supported my breastfeeding like Lansinoh Lanolin. My visiting nurse recommended it and the first time I used it, I became an instant fan. It was that good a product.

As any nursing mom knows, those first few weeks of getting adjust to breastfeeding can be a bit painful if you get sore cracked nipples. For the first few weeks, I had to deal with this but using Lansinoh Lanolin helped soothe and protect so I was able to focus on the nursing experience while my body got adjusted.

I really believe that the people behind Lansinoh understand what mothers want and need. So I wasn't surprised to hear that 3 of Lansinoh products recently received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. As a parent, I liked that the PTPA approved a range of Lansinoh for different stages of feeding.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, Spill-Proof Cup

The 3 products that received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval are

Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin SRP: $9.99 (40 gram) - Only topical nipple cream in the U.S. to be endorsed by the La Leche League International, provides a moisturizing environment to soothe and protect dry, cracked nipples.

Lansinoh® mOmma® Bottle with NaturalWave™ Nipple SRP: 1 count- $9.99, 2 count- $18.99 - This revolutionary nipple is based on over 50 years of scientific research and allows for seamless transition from breast to bottle and back. Has a wide, rounded nipple base which encourages a wider latch-on which promotes oral, facial and jaw development

• Available in slow, medium and fast flow to meet baby’s changing needs
• Features AVS™ Air Ventilation System reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up
• Incorporates a round bottle shape that is easy and comfortable for baby to hold
• Interchangeable with mOmma® Non-Spill and Straw cup lids
• 100% BPA Free

mOmma® Spill-Proof Cup SRP: $9.99 - With the latest spill-roof technology, have a one piece, closed system soft spout that releases liquid only when baby drinks from the spout. Unique rocking motion engages and stimulates baby during mealtime to encourage free play and promote development. 100% silicone spout is gentle on developing teeth and gums to ease transition.

But those are not the only Lansinoh products to receive attention for being well designed. In October 2012 the Affinity Pro was recognized as a finalist in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association 2012 Innovation Awards.

Lansinoh Affinity Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump.jpg

The Lansinoh® Affinity Pro™ Double Electric Breast Pump (SRP: $129.99), is the first breast pump to offer moms three unique pumping rhythms and eight suction levels, helping them maximize milk flow, increase comfort and enhance overall breastfeeding success.

In addition to varying pumping rhythms and suction levels, the Affinity Pro features a backlit LCD screen to help moms keep track of pumping time. It is compact and lightweight for moms on the go and comes with a carry tote for portability.

Unlike other leading brands of breast pumps, the Lansinoh Affinity Pro has a hygienic design guaranteed to prevent expressed breastmilk from backing up into the tubing and the pump motor, avoiding bacteria and mold growth.

The pump is now available at stores across the country including Target, Babies R Us and Walmart, and online at and

The Lansinoh brands, are available in more than 25,000 retail stores nationwide, and include breastfeeding accessories, mOmma bottle feeding systems, mOmma toddler mealtime products and Earth Friendly Baby skincare.

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One lucky reader can win (1) item of their choice from the following Lansinoh products:

  • HPA® Lanolin
  • mOmma NaturalWave Nipple Feeding Bottle
  • mOmma Spill-Proof Cup


For this giveaway I'm using the Rafflecopter form which is super easy! Go on and enter to win! Entries must be made on or before 11:59 p.m. February 18, 2013.

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  1. I would love the Lanolin!! I was LIFE SAVER, or rather, boobie saver, when I nursed with my first!

  2. Ooo - tough choice between the lanolin and spill proof cup. For immediate need, I will have to go with the lanolin!

  3. i would love to win the cup and bottle!

  4. spill proof cup

  5. I would love the spill proof cup. Patricia

  6. I'd love to win the mOmma NaturalWave Nipple Feeding Bottle.