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This week TheMoms and Pearl World, Inc hosted an event at Fred's at Barneys NY for the launch of Perfect Pearl, a line of skincare products for mother and baby that uses real pearl gemstones for their health benefits.

Perfect Pearl Skin Care Mother and Baby Collection

During the event, Ying Zhou, creator of Perfect Pearl, shared why she created the line.

Having grown up in Asia where our history celebrates the health benefits of the pearl, it seemed so natural for me to create a line of products that incorporates pearl extract. It's well documented by ancient generations that pearl extract has powers for healing, vitality and beauty.

When Ying Zhou became a mother, her grandmother visited from Asia and brought the gift of pearl powder. Ying realized the soothing effects this pearl powder had on her daughter. It was softer and finer then any other powder she had used before. After Ying spoke with other mothers and searched luxury baby stores but didn't find any pearl products, she developed the Perfect Pearl Maternity and Baby Collection.

The Perfect Pearl Maternity and Baby Collection is made in USA using the best sea pearls as it's active ingredient. All products in the line are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, colorant and paraben free, as well as doctor recommended; making recommended; making it safe luxury for all mothers and babies.

The line consists of eight products for mother and child, taking them both from pregnancy through childhood for a truly rewarding mother and child skincare routine. The line retails from $18 - $55

Maternity Collection

  • Nursing Comfort Cream - Tube - 40 mL - 1.35 fl. oz, Price: $22.00 A soothing, gentle nursing comfort cream is created for moms who have chosen to breastfeed. A perfect blend of pearl extract and an ultra pure grade of lanolin offers soothing relief, provides protection to tender nipples and lightens nipple darkness. It may be used while breast-feeding.
  • Bust Serum - Acrylic pump bottle - 50 mL - 1.7 fl. oz. Price: $45.00 A fresh, light texture that penetrates the skin instantly, releasing its precious ingredients and activating vital functions. Amino acides in pearl powder and the active ingredient Osilift(tm) help promote firmness and prevent loss of elasticity, relieving skin tension and soothing breast tightness.
  • Stretch Mark Cream - Tube - 200 mL - 6.77 fl. oz. Price: $55.00 This creamy and fine-textured stretch mark cream is specially formulated with pure pearl extract, active ingredient Sepilift DPHP(tm), lanolin, organic aloe, vitamin E, shea butter, and a mixture of exotic oils, etc. It actively stimulates skin cells and promotes tissue regeneration, reducing the size, depth and color of stretch marks.

Baby Collection

  • Baby Face Cream - Acrylic jar - 40 mL - 1.35 fl. oz. Price: $28.00 This ultimate baby face cream contains a luxurious level of pearl extract, oat flour, oat kernel extract, safflower oil. The light and fluid texture absorbs quickly and provides lasting moisture protection with a porcelain shine free finish. It's formulated to be mild and gentle for daily use on baby's sensitive skin.
  • Baby Pearl Powder Acrylic jar - 50g - 1.76oz. Price: $45.00 Ultra silky baby pearl powder contains a luxurious level of pure pearl powder and natural cornstarch to soothe and heal irritated skin.
  • Baby Daily Moisture Lotion Acrylic jar - 140 mL - 4.73 fl. oz. Price: $30.00 The nourishing, non-greasy formula moisturizes and protects sensitive, delicate skin, for babies of all ages. The perfect blend of pearl extract, Drago-calm(tm), grape seed and safflower oils provides immediate and lasting hydration, wrapping the skin in extreme softness and leaving a porcelain shine free finish.
  • Baby Diaper Cream - Tube - 40 mL - 1.35 fl. oz. Price: $22.00 This is a highly effective diaper cream used for daily prevention and care of early signs of irritation. With the natural richness of Zinc Oxide in pearl extract, blended with shea butter and castor seed oil, it effectively protects and isolates the skin from aggression by urine and diaper chafing. It encourages the disappearance of redness, smooths sensations of irritation, seals out wetness and softens the skin.
  • Baby Cleansing Foam for hair & body - Foaming pump bottle - 200mL - 6.76 fl. oz. Price: $18.00 Unique baby hair & body cleansing foam blends pearl extract and pro-vitamin B12 into a rich, lathering sulfate-free cleanser that gently cleans baby's hair, scalp, and all over body without drying.

To learn more about Perfect Pearl, visit

Note: I was invited as media and received a gift bag after this event. No other compensation was received. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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