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by - 2/08/2013 04:41:00 PM

I couldn't believe it when I heard another snow storm was going to hit our area. Ugh. Snow. Nice to look at. Not so nice to travel in here in New York City. Trains go on limited service, buses shut down and all sorta of other inconvenience things like my son's school closing down for the day.

But what to do? I had to go on an errand today. So I dressed my son and headed out early with the hope of beating the storm and coming back home to warmth and hot coco.

snowstorm nemo

We quickly headed into the midtown area and came back to Harlem just as the storm was bearing down. As we came out the train station to wait for the bus, I tried to huddle with my son to protect him the elements. I felt like one of the Emperor Penguins in Happy Feet trying to protect their eggs from the cold and wind. Ironically, my egg has feet of his own and wanted to dance and play in the snow!

As I watched my son enjoy the first snow flakes falling, I noticed he had a little blue object that he was "flying" against the snowflakes. It's Super Grover!

Apparently my son and Super Grover are on an adventure....during Snowstorm Nemo

I tried not to fuss with my son about him being IN the snow. Instead I asked him what he and Super Grover were doing. I never really got an answer since he and Super Grover were busy chasing snowflakes. Eventually I gave up and let them enjoy their mini snow adventure.

snow storm nemo photo

Soon the bus came and we headed home. As we walked down the block to our apartment, the snow started coming down faster and sticking. I was surprised we had so much snow already. They say we'll have more snow falling tonight. I think we'll end up having many inches of snow before it all ends tomorrow. There goes my weekend plans for Asian Lunar New Year *sigh*

Does your area get snowstorms? How does your family deal with snow storms?

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  1. So cute...I just bought a grover for my nephew and he loves it! :)

  2. Aww, your boy is so cute with his "Super Gover". We are lucky if we get a snow flurry once a year down here in South Carolina. It has been really beautiful and sunny today. I laid out on a blanket in the back yard for hours with my son. It was very relaxing. I hope all of that gorgeous white stuff melts fast and Spring comes your way. Be safe!

  3. Go Super Grover! Glad he and your son had such a great time in the snow. Cute pictures!