King's Faith Film & National Foster Care Month

by - 3/18/2013 07:42:00 AM

May is National Foster Care Month and every year 25,000 young Americans "age out" of foster care and are at risk for homelessness, unemployment, incarceration, teen parenting and lives of poverty according to Child Welfare League of America

What can happen to one of these children is being highlighted in upcoming the film King's Faith, in theaters on April 26th.

King's Faith Film

KING'S FAITH tells the story of Brendan King (Crawford Wilson) who attempts to leave his turbulent gang life behind him, but his past continues to threaten his new-found faith, family, and future. The film prompts audiences to consider questions that many struggle within our world today:

Themes you find in the film include love, perseverance, forgiveness, overcoming your past, importance of accountability and the sanctity of life. Also the lead character is an older teen who has been through the foster care system and had a difficult time. Yet a family has taken the time to invest in his life even though he is older and been living with some poor choices. It addresses the theme that many overlook - that even older kids in foster care need love and guidance before they age out of the system....the film is very mainstream and the message is not considered "preachy".

KING’S FAITH stars Emmy Award winning actress Lynn Whitfield (Eve’s Bayou, The Women of Brewster Place), Crawford Wilson (Judging Amy, Zoey 101), Kayla Compton (Entourage), and James McDaniel (Malcolm X, NYPD Blue).

What is unique for audiences (whose market may not be on the initial roll out) is they have the ability to bring this film to their area (something many large studios do not offer) through a "demand the movie" web site, which is

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