Venus Williams Interview for Eleven by Venus Active Wear

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I had an amazing opportunity this week, to sit down with pro-tennis player Venus Williams to chat about her new Fall 2013 line for EleVen.

Venus Williams Interview for Eleven by Venus Active Wear

Note: I was invited as media to this event. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

Written by guest blogger, Monica J, who blogs on SO Family Online, a resource for trendy family news, and product reviews from an auntie, teacher & lover of everything family

Eleven by Venus is a growing line of active wear that Venus considers to be her baby. She put a lot of passion into the Fall 2013 line and it shows off her love for prints, florals and stark whites. I’m especially excited about the use of the pink python in the line.

Eleven by Venus Williams Active Wear

Venus displayed her new line for a select group of press this week at Go Studios, Daylight Studios in NYC. Not only did she share her beautiful designs, but she also shared her secret to staying healthy and fit (great food). Her personal chef, Lauren Von Der Pool, was on hand to treat us to an amazing spread of healthy eats and drinks. So, I left not only inspired to get fit by the new line but also ready to turn my healthy eating up a notch.

Eleven by Venus Williams Active Wear

During my interview with Venus, she was so gracious and kind. I’m so happy I had the chance to sit down with her.

Monica J: What was the inspiration behind the prints and colors in the fall line of EleVen?

Venus: I’ve always wanted to do prints and florals in active wear since last year. It’s a continuation of motif and my design style.

Monica J: I love the pink python. What’s your favorite print from the Fall line?

Venus: My favorite is probably the floral, but solids are important to mix back in. We tried to do some interesting things with the solids, in terms of our fabric and style. It’s about mixing a print with a solid. I, personally, would probably never wear a print top with a print bottom. There are people out there who probably can pull it off.

Monica J: I saw that the jackets in the line have a little flare to them, which reminds me of the peplum shirts everyone is wearing. Did you want to stay on trend with the jackets?

Venus: We definitely incorporated trends in the designs and considered what’s fashionable at the moment. I don’t think that’s done very much in active wear and it should be, looking at the trends and seeing which parts make sense.

Monica J: Since I’m a family blogger I have to ask if you’ve ever thought about children’s wear and tapping into that?

Venus: I definitely think one day we want to do a young people’s line and encourage activity amongst young people.

Eleven by Venus Williams Active Wear
Eleven by Venus Williams Active Wear

The EleVen by Venus line is perfect for the active woman who loves style, comfort and feeling good. You can work out at the gym and run errands after and look amazing doing it all in your EleVen by Venus. I can’t wait to get my hands on this activewear line. Thank you Venus for bringing true fashion and style into activewear for women.

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  1. This was an amazing opportunity! I love the line. Thx for sharing! I wasn't aware of this venture of hers. Great interview!

  2. The interview was fantastic! I can't wait to get some pieces from this line!! I love love love all the samples in this post!