We are kindergarten registered and ready

by - 3/01/2013 10:56:00 AM

Since January I've been lost in preparing for kindergarten world. Why didn't anyone tell me the months before my son actually starts kindergarten would be filled with research, phone calls and assessments? It all feels like madness just to get my son into kindergarten! Not even college yet!

getting registered for kindergarten

And yet this is what the education system is. And I'm talking a normal education system. Not that other education system where my son needed to speak 2 languages, know how to play an instrument and take tests just to qualify. No. I stayed far away from those kindergarten schools.

I'm sure some parents think I'm short changing my son but I can't justify putting a 4 year old through that type of pressure. I feel and hope that in the end, when it come down to it...all the kids will even out. Whatever my son's excels with THEN we'll follow through. As for right now, all I needed was a kindergarten that had good grades, diversity and flexibility for a growing mind.

getting registered for kindergarten

I think I found it. Today we filled out our official "Application for Admission to NYC Public School Kindergarten for the 2013 - 2014 School Year.

It was an interesting moment.

For his part my son was excited and wanted to know if he was going to class now. I explained not now but later. In a few months he will go into the classes here. As we walked down the hallway or rather...I walked, he skipped...I felt proud that I came so far in my parenting skills.

I have successful raised a child who will now join society as part of a collective. Yes, I mourn the loss of our protective family unity. But it felt good to know my son will learn, socialize and integrate with the other children as a whole. He will make "school" friends, take part in "school" activities and lay the bases for a "school" assisted education.

No more "pre" anything. He will now officially be in school....

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  1. You must be one proud mama. I am sure that the process for kindergarten was long and hard; and so it must be true what they say: life does not come easy. I can not wait til my little one gets to that point but in the meanwhile, I am treasuring all the moments! Please keeps us update...

  2. I am a proud mom. Starting school is a big step :) I will try to keep everyone updated so you know what to expect when your little one is ready for school :)

  3. Glad you got it all sorted out. I am still waiting for the results of which school my boy will get into. Regardless of where he is, I do know he will succeed with great parents to support him. I truly believe a child's success is not about what school he or she is in, but the support they get from home. I can't wait to read stories about his great adventures in kindergarten! They grow up so fast *sniff*

  4. I agree. It's important for parents to support their child so they can succeed in school. I hope your son has great results. Soon you'll share kindergarten adventures also!