A Disappointing Spring Break

by - 4/05/2013 04:21:00 PM

This week my son went back to school after a very disappointing Spring break. I had plans to take a little trip or at least tour around town enjoying some of the activities. Instead I spent our Spring break taking care of my son after another asthma episode.

I was hoping that a few weeks ago would be a one time occurrence. That the cold that trigger an asthma episode in my son would be a one time thing. Or at least far in between. Sadly it seemed that wouldn't be the case.

asthma inhaler treatment

Last week I received the call from my son's school to tell me my son was having problems breathing. I soon had trouble finding my own breath as I rushed over to his school. As soon as I saw my son I knew we were back to square one. He would need an inhaler and doctor visit.

And so we spent 2 days at the doctor office. First day for going over paperwork and assessment of his condition. The second day for a full examination to determine if he need to go on a daily treatment plan. The Doctor decided that again it was a cold that trigger the asthma episode and to just continue to use the inhaler. He also suggested leaving a epipen at the school for next time. Just in case.

That was a scary thought. But I picked up the epipen anyway. Better to be safe then sorry.

The rest of our spring break was spent with me fighting to make sure he could breathe while trying to get him better from his cold. What a way to spend our spring break.

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  1. Aww, I'm so sorry your son was so sick. I remember being his age living in NYC and I was at the doctor about 3 times a week. I was so sickly that we had to move to Miami for the warm climate. South Carolina is wonderful too *hint hint*

  2. Yes we need to move to a warmer climate. I'm working on it!

  3. So sorry about your son. Hope he is doing better now. It's getting warmer!

  4. Dang that is SO SCARY!!! I hope he is doing much better now.


  5. How terrible, here's hoping spring and warm weather bring better times ahead!

  6. Thanks everyone. Yes he's better now and hopefully no more cold as we head into spring

  7. I can only imagine the week you have had. Hopefully, the warm weather will prove to be better!

  8. Sorry he sick during a time when he should have having fun. Glad he is better.