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by - 4/30/2013 12:06:00 PM

Birthdays are such a special time in a person's life. It's a chance to celebrate all that has happen in the past years and give well wishes for more years to come. And according to my family it's also a chance to get together for food, laughs and making some memories.

 photo mombirthday.jpg

2 weekends ago, my mom celebrated her 58th birthday with all her children and then some. At this point in life me and my brother and sister are grown adults with children of our own. So my mom was surrounded by both her children and her grandchildren to celebrate.

 photo mombirthday2.jpg

While I danced around and shared jokes with my mom and 1st sister, my brother and 2nd sister prepared the cake. They thought it would be funny to switch the numbers around to say 85. My mom got a serious laugh out of that.

 photo mombirthday3.jpg

Then the whole family joined in singing Happy Birthday to my mom. Even my mom joined in the singing before blowing the candles out. When it came time to cut the cake, my mom was surrounded by "helpers". We joked they wanted to get to the cake eating sooner.

 photo mombirthday4.jpg

After the cake was cut, shared and of course eaten! it was time to continue the celebration. My mom settled down to chat with my uncle to relive their childhood years. For my part I joined my brother, sisters, brother-in-law, cousin, heck....everyone else in eating, drinking and acting up for photos.

We all made silly poses to post on facebook, instagram and other various social media. Because this is what digital families do. We document memories using technology.

Ah my family sure make life interesting and fun. It's moments like these when I'm grateful for family.

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  1. Wow, looks like such a fun family gathering! Your mother is so young. I totally love the candles being switched around. Too funny :)

  2. Your mom looks great! She doesn't look 58 at all- and certainly not anywhere close to 85! :) I love family get togethers- spending time with the family is so important and something that just doesn't seem to be on the top of everyone's to do list nearly as often as it should. Looks like you had an amazing day!

  3. Love this! Your mom looks phenomenal. It is always so much fun to get to hang out with family... and eat roti... preferably at the same time! :)

  4. Time with family is what it is all about! Cherish it! That number reversal trick is a great idea, this year my moms candles in reverse would make her a teenager all over again, so I'm sure she'd love that! ;-)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  5. Beautiful family and great celebrations! Thanks for sharing!