GuavaKids adds GuavaBoots to eco-friendly baby line #guavakids

by - 4/12/2013 02:13:00 PM

I first posted about GuavaKids and their GuavaMitts about 2 years ago. I was so impressed with this company started by women (and mothers) who saw a need and produced a product to fill it.

GuavaKids baby eco-friendly

But not just any product. They design and made a product that is purposeful, educational AND eco-friendly in so many way. How could I not fall in love....and stalk them?!

For the last 2 years I've been following Lili and Linsey, founders of the GuavaKids brand, to keep up on the latest product news. Let me tell you the ladies have a lot of things going on!

This week I visited with them (again) at The Baby Issue preview event and was excited to get a first look at the new GuavaBoots!

GuavaKids eco-friendly baby GuavaBoots

The GuavaBoots are made in a similar fashion as the GuavaMitts with a two-part closure and are super soft and comfortably for baby's feet.

GuavaBoots are the first and only baby booties specifically created to allow for an easy, one-handed closure with the ability to adjust for a customized fit as baby grows. They are knit with a breathable bamboo-derived viscose organic cotton blend that is sustainably harvested, naturally antimicrobial and comfy in any season. These stylish new booties are made in fabric choices that pair well with GuavaMitts - including modern sole prints in bold patterns that bring fun to baby's feet.

GuavaBoots will be available in two sizes - S/M to fit newborns and M/L for older babies. Initially there will be six colors available for the S/M size and three colors available for the M/L size.

GuavaKids eco-friendly baby GuavaMitts

I'm also planning an interview with the GuavaMamas to discuss what they've been up. I promise to get more information about the boots and other products in the GuavaKids line!

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