My First Disney Prince Charming Doll Review

by - 4/01/2013 08:30:00 AM

Last year I posted about attending Tollytots Playdate and how my son enjoyed playing with the My First Disney Prince Dolls. Since he liked the Disney Prince dolls so much, I received one for review.

My First Disney Prince Charming Doll

Note: I received product sample for review purpose. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

While we had 3 Disney Prince dolls to chose from, I chose the Prince Charming doll for some very specific reasons.

For one, he is Disney's Prince Charming! As a little girl I grew up watching Cinderella being rescued by her prince. It's a nice story and a nice idea for girls but what about the boys? Where is their fairytale hero?

As a mom of a boy, I've always wished that Disney would connect about the boys a bit more when it comes to Princess and their Prince. After all don't we also want our sons to think of themselves as Princes and Heroes who can save the day? I know I do! And now my son can with My First Disney Prince Dolls.

My son LOVES his "boy" doll and enjoys playing with him. Don't believe me? Then watch the video below and hear my son tell you himself

From the start this doll was impressive.

My First Disney Prince Charming Doll

Not only did our Disney Prince Charming come dressed to impress in his uniform but he also had the glass slipper!

My First Disney Prince Charming Doll

Our Disney Prince Charming doll was easy to play with since he can stand and sit on his own. The detailing of the doll and his clothing are well done. I'm sure it matches the animated classic for those Disney fans that notice these things. I just think it's a very handsome doll.

My First Disney Prince Charming Doll

While both my son and I like that doll, we do have a gripe. These Prince dolls will need more clothing. This issue was brought up when my son wanted to change his cloths and extend the play experience. So I'm hoping Disney will come out with outfits for their Prince dolls. I think the Disney Princes also need to have different fashion outfits. Don't you agree?

If you are a parent of a little boy (or girl) and interested in My First Disney Prince Dolls, here is more information about Prince Charming and the other Prince dolls in the collection.

My First Disney Prince Dolls

Prince Charming – $19.99 - “Before he grew up to sweep Cinderella off her glass-slippered feet, Prince Charming was a fun-loving boy with big dreams! This young Prince Charming doll is handsomely dressed in a suit with shimmering gold trim.

Prince Eric – $19.99 - “Before he grew up and swept Princess Ariel off her fins, Prince Eric was an adventurous boy with a love of the sea! This young Prince Eric doll is so handsome in his finest outfit.

Flynn Ryder – $19.99 - “Before he grew up to steal Princess Rapunzel’s heart, Flynn Rider was a fun-loving boy with an adventurous spirit! This young Flynn Rider doll wears his signature outfit, including a handsome tunic with belt and matching boots.

These dolls can be played with alone or a companion to the My First Disney Princess dolls. The My First Disney Prince Dolls line is sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores.

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