Sleepy Moment Thoughts: Growing

by - 4/21/2013 03:18:00 PM

As I usually do each morning, I rolled over and watched my son while he sleeps. This morning as I watch him all sorts of thoughts run around in my head.


My hopes for him. My fears for him. My promises to him that I need to keep.

I've been having these sleepy moments since before my son's birth. When I was pregnant with him, I would lay in bed and talk/think to him. Sometimes verbal, sometimes non verbal using that connection forged between us in blood, skin and genetics.

When he was birthed, I continued enjoying these moments but now I could gaze at his features in wonder. These sleepy moments were also a time to get a sneak peek into his thoughts and development. It was in those moments that I saw his first smiles and heard his first words.

These sleepy moments are very special in other ways. It's during these moments that I take stock of our lives and my abilities as his mother.

Lately, I've started taking notice of how much he's grown. Right now he's at the cusp of a 4 y/o turning into a 5 y/o. I wonder what this new year and stage of life will mean for him.

The term growing pains comes to my mind. This year we will have to deal with many things. While I know not everything will be wonderful, I hope as my son grows his life will be filled with good experiences that out weight the bad ones.

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