Father's Day Gift Idea: Babe Magnet Tie by Smart Mom Jewelry

by - 5/31/2013 04:06:00 PM

As a leader in the baby-friendly accessory arena, it's only fitting that Smart Mom Jewelry has created the perfect teething bling for dad to enjoy. Whether he's a new dad just starting to bond or a grandfather enjoying family time, smart dads know how to entertain their little ones while looking great with the Babe Magnet Tie.

Babe Magnet Tie by Smart Mom Jewelry

For the discerning dad who only wears the best, this tie's silky material is both durable and touchable for optimum comfort. The Babe Magnet Tie currently comes in three modern and fetching styles that are designed to complete any workday ensemble.

Tucked away inside each of these professional grade ties is a hidden surprise! A built in squeaker and rattle may be out of sight, but are instantly at the ready to help soothe and entertain curious little hands. Everyone knows that babies love to grasp, tug, chew and shake anything they can get a hold of, with dad's work tie being one of their favorite playthings. With the Babe Magnet Tie dads can not only look dapper, but feel good letting their little ones have a ball with the only tie that's built to do double duty.

For information, visit www.smartmomjewelry.com

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