NuStep T4r reclining cross trainer offers fitness for all ages and abilities

by - 5/01/2013 05:34:00 PM

Recently I posted about celebrating my mothers 58th birthday. It was a fun day to celebrate all the years my mom has lived. I'd really like to have many more of these birthday celebrations in the future, so I started encouraging my mom to eat healthier, to get more exercise in, to take better care of her health.

NuStep T4r reclining cross trainer
Celebrating my mom's 57th birthday in 2012

My moms has taken my suggestions with mixed feelings. She agrees but wonders when and how she's suppose to get all this exercise in. Especially since she had Polio as a child, which caused one of her legs to be shorter and have a limp.

While my mom is interested in exercising, she's not interested in going to the gym or trying to figure out all the different types of exercise equipments. I can't say I blame her. While there's a lot of exercise equipments out there, very few can fit the needs of all different type of people and their exercise ability range. But perhaps the new NuStep T4r reclining cross trainer can?

NuStep T4r reclining cross trainer

NuStep, Inc., a brand known for its life-transforming exercise technology for multiple age and user groups, recently announced the launch of its latest recumbent cross trainer exercise machine: the NuStep T4r.

Developed by a team of exercise physiologists and ergonomic specialists, the T4r is based on user and health care provider feedback in an effort to deliver the benefits of inclusive exercise to even more people.

NuStep T4r reclining cross trainer

The T4r provides safe and outcomes-based exercise for virtually all ability levels – including those with chronic conditions, in rehabilitation, or desiring preventative health and wellness to get the most out of life.

The T4r recumbent cross trainer combines lower extremity and upper body motion for a full-body workout in a safe, but also very effective way. The machine enables users to use their natural body movements that results in a smooth motion with minimal impact, that’s easy on the joints. A sturdy grab ring for support and safety, a comfortable 360-degree adjustable seat, easy arm adjustments, comfortable handgrips and extra supportive pedals are just a few of the exciting new features.

I told my mom about the NuStep T4r and explained how there are exercise equipments that she can use, even with her age and so called disability. Hopefully she'll look into using one.

To learn more about the T4r and the NuStep family of products, visit -

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