Pregnancy Posts Ahead. She's having a baby!

by - 6/25/2013 10:57:00 AM

OK wait before everyone starts sending congratulations emails, tweets and whatnot. I'm NOT pregnant. I'm still cling to the status of having just 1 child. Clingy hardcore!

pregnant woman

The person who is all warm and glowy with a bun in the oven is my sister. She recently shared with the family that she and hubby are expecting their 3rd child. Well really 4th for my sister.

But after the birth and death of my 3rd niece I'm not sure how to count. But really I'd rather celebrate the good news cause this time my sister is having a boy! Let me tell you after having 3 girls my sister is over joyed for a little boy.

So now that I have this good news, I'm focused on anything pregnancy and baby related. Please be understanding about all the upcoming related posts. It's going to be hard to switch from posting about my son going into kindergarten and take things back to being pregnancy and raising baby. But I'm so excited and happy for my sister. This is going to be such fun! Maybe I can get her to start blogging here. Only time will tell!

My sister has started a blog to share this special pregnancy, feel free to read My Rainbow Baby

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