Pull-Ups Monsters University training pants

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In celebration of National Potty Training Awareness Month, Pull-Ups Brand is helping make potty training more fun with new Disney Monsters University character training pants and a fresh twist on the Potty Break.

Pull-Ups New Monsters University training pants

Pull-Ups knows parents are often overwhelmed by the many different approaches to potty training, which leads to the dread of getting started and frustration with the experience. With the new pants and updated ritual, in addition to the Pull-Ups Big Kid App, parents can make potty training more enjoyable while establishing a consistent routine – the best way to achieve potty training success.

Handling "The Scariest Potty Training Moments"

In honor of the new Monsters University training pants, Pull-Ups asked parents to name their biggest potty training fears, tapping its Potty Training Partners, child psychologist Dr. Heather Wittenberg and award-winning mom blogger Jen Singer, to address the "scariest" moments they shared.

  • Potty Training in Public: Accidents happen, and when it comes to potty training, do they ever — especially in public. Have your toddler go before you leave and use a "potty timer" to stay on track for the next break. Wherever you go, make sure the first thing you do is locate the closest restroom and be prepared with a potty training emergency kit full of wipes, a change of clothing and Pull-Ups Training Pants.
  • Potty Training on the Road: Schedule stops along the way to stay consistent and expect it to take longer to get to your destination. Be sure your toddler is wearing Pull-Ups Training Pants just in case an accident does happen to avoid unnecessary mess and frustration.
  • They're Scared, Too: Toddlers can't always see things the way grown-ups do. Their fears are real, and as parents, we have to respect them. Build their confidence over time by turning going to the potty into a game or letting them have their favorite book or toy, making it a positive experience.
  • Potty Training Two at a Time? It's important to remember that every child's potty training experience will be different. Even with twins it's not realistic to expect them to train at the same pace. Both children will have different motivators, will be ready at different times, and will take different lengths of time to train.
  • Not Making It to the Potty? Your best bet to avoid a mad-dash to the potty is to establish a consistent routine and plan out potty breaks. Download the Pull-Ups Big Kid App for more ways to make training fun with potty timers, character calls from Sulley and Mike from Monsters University and advice for Mom and Dad.
  • I've Never Trained a Boy (...or Girl) Before! As long as your attitude is confident and positive you'll do just fine, regardless of their gender! Toddlers will feel comfortable and trust their own ability to use the Big Kid potty when you are there to help. If you want to give them more reassurance, ask a trusted family member who's the same sex as your toddler to help guide them through the process.
  • How Late Is Too Late? This is one of the most common potty training fears. Although parents all have different ideas about when their child should know how to go, they still need to be reassured about what is normal. Experts advise that there isn't one set amount of time it will take to potty train because every child will get started and progress at his or her own rate.
  • To Reward Or Not to Reward...That is the Question: A reward system can prove to be incredibly useful in potty training. Whether it's a penny, sticker, candy or small prize for every success, incentives can turn an otherwise trying transition into even more of a game. Positive reinforcement not only makes your child more confident, but may also have them wanting to go potty even when they do not have to. Check out some Big Kid rewards on the Pull-Ups site.
  • Afraid Of Frustration? Potty training is one of the biggest milestones you will encounter with your child. Don't let outside pressures and expectations from friends or family get to you. Try to think about all the amazing developmental steps your child has been making instead of the frustrations. Take a deep breath to regain perspective and remind yourself that this is all just another amazing step in your little one's journey to becoming a Big Kid.

Potty Breaks Ritual

Pull-Ups developed the Potty Breaks ritual, a simple call-and-response routine to help children get excited to go potty. Parents call out, "What does a Big Kid take?" and the toddler excitedly responds, "A potty break!"

Pull-Ups recently added a fun twist to the Potty Breaks ritual to celebrate its new Monsters University character pants. Simply call out, "What does a little monster take?" and the child responds, "A potty break!"

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