Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

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Looking to introduce science and technology to your child in a fun way? Then I highly suggest a visit to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, "a state-of-the-art facility that brings technology and creativity together to make learning experiential, entertaining and fun".

We took an after hour tour recently and had so much fun. Here's a few reasons why you and your family should visit and also enjoy some fun.

Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Dance Motion Capture

You can make the robot dance! See your very own dance moves performed by your favorite Sony-animated characters in real time in this dynamic markerless motion capture experience. There's a height requirement for this so small children can't make the characters move. I also discovered that having more then one person in the booth confused the motion. So one person at a time

Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Animation Studio

A fun exhibit that teaches you about Animation. In Tricks of the Trade, learn basic animation principles and techniques. Create a Character lets you control a character’s look, movement and facial expressions in response to a storyline. And Design a CG World allows you to model and place various objects in a scene while experimenting with color, light and atmospherics (fog, rain, snow, etc.) to create mood and enhance storytelling.

Shadow Garden and Sand Interactive

A multi-sensory interactive wall projection, which features cascading colored “sand,” that reacts to shadows you cast as you move in front of the projection. Watch the sand accumulate based on the shapes you create with your shadows. Then, move away, and watch it fall! My son had a blast at this exhibit

Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

In The Game

Here you can play a variety of PlayStation 3 games in one of three alcoves equipped with high definition displays, floors that vibrate, and audio that surrounds you. Both my son LOVED this area. We first played Angry Birds using the PlayStation Move and then Little Big Planet: Karting on PSP 3. Fun!

Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

WSWL Production Studio

You can learn about the different roles in television production in this high definition (HD) television production studio. This exhibit is great for a group of people since there's so much to do and learn about. You can be a Director, a Cameraman, a Reporter and so much more. It really is set up like a real news room.

Since it was just my son and I, we decided to sit at the desk and report the news. In this case a Hurricane. This section of exhibit does require alot of reading so unless you want to sit there and feed your child the lines (like I did) then it's not really for small children.

After we were done, we watched the playback on the screens outside. That was funny to see ourselves on TV reporting the news. Or rather I was telling my son what to say to "report" the news. Very cool exhibit.

Touring The Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Since many of the exhibits might not allow young child, the Sony Wonder Technology Lab has activities just for them!

  • Family Workshops - Bring the family and join in for creative activities and fun programs! Family Workshops are scheduled after Thursday Children’s Screenings and offer hands-on opportunities to build upon the themes and lessons of those movies. Best suited for younger audience.
  • Tech for Tots Workshops - Join in for special workshops that encourage learning through technology! Work with your toddler to explore how computers, digital cameras and other technologies can play an important (and fun) role in their early development. Children also practice social skills necessary for more structured school settings. Best suited for children at a pre-k to kindergarten learning level (between ages 3-6).
  • Children’s Screenings - Little ones can gather in 73-seat HD Theater to watch their favorite animated characters and television programs on the big screen! Children’s Screenings include popular kids’ favorites like “Blue’s Clues,” “Dora the Explorer,” “Sesame Street,” “Thomas the Tank Engine,” “Yo Gabba Gabba” and more! Join in after Thursday screenings for hands-on Family Workshops that build upon the themes and lessons of the movies. Best suited for younger audience.

Can you believe this is just a few things your family can enjoy while visiting the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. There's lots more so go ahead and plan a visit. Did I mention admission to the lab is FREE?!

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab (SWTL) is a FREE four-story, interactive technology and entertainment museum for all ages. Due to the popularity of the Lab, reservations are highly recommended for all visitors. Reservations can be made Tuesday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., by speaking with the Group Coordinator at (212) 833-8100.

To learn more, visit -

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  1. I forgot about the Sony La, I took my boys many years ago. Thank you for posting, I must take my LO for a visit. She'll love it.

  2. Yes it's a great place for kids of all ages. If you go let me know what fun exhibits you visit.