Dealing with "technical difficulties" of a popular blog

by - 7/10/2013 01:29:00 PM

I've been blogging for 10 years now and while I still love blogging, my love for dealing with techie issues in the ever changing social media world is losing it's glow.

women frustrated with laptop

This week I received an email that I had exceeded my bandwidth and as a result my images wont load. As if that isn't bad enough, also my images were replaced with a "upgrade for additional bandwidth" image. Urgh!

Oh man! As I sat there looking at my blog layout filled with these gray "upgrade for bandwidth" images I was baffled for a bit. I knew my blog gets a good amount of traffic but when did I start getting enough to go over my bandwidth?

While getting a lot of traffic is a good problem to have, not being able to handle and continue to provide the information needed is not. So not!

But this is one of many recent "techie" issues I've had to deal with lately.

Google Reader and Feedburner has been a major issue for me the past few weeks. Now that support for these services have stopped, I've been looking for a replacement service for my email/rss blog subscribers. But finding a replacement and THEN moving subscribers over isn't as easy as it sounds. There's been some snafus and I'm sure I lost a few people here and there. Hopefully they'll resubscribe to my new email/rss list as I get everything organized.

Facebook is also giving me problems. While the site is always "improving" it's features, that doesn't mean it's improvements for admins of fan pages. One day I lost 80 fans for no reason I can think of!

Then there's the visibility issues. Sometimes most of my fans see's my Facebook fan pages posts, sometimes just 10%. I've tried different things to make sure my page fans see my posts but since Facebook is always "improving" it's features, what works one day wont work the next. Ugh!

Then there's some other odds and ends techie things to figure out but I won't bore you. LOL.

Some days I spend more time dealing with social media tech issues then I do actually bloggng. It's sorta frustrating. But ironically as blogs and other social sites gain in popularity everyone wants to find ways to tap into them and make some money from the popularity. It's about the business of "social media" after all.

What's a blogger to do?

All I can do is keep going forward and try to minimize techie issues. Seems becoming a popular blog comes with it's own set of pros and cons. Who knew. LOL

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  1. can you use a CDN with blogger? You may be outgrowing it. I use a CDN now. It's inexpensive & worth it.

  2. Didn't think about this. Thanks for the suggestion. Will look into it

  3. You know you could have just asked me... The bandwidth solution you want is free it's called it's a service ive used for over a year it's a caching engine.

  4. I feel for you. My site is running slow and am trying to move from Feedburner!!

  5. The tech side is so tough when you're not a techie. I've exceeded my photo space and made the mistake of deleting photos that I thought I hadn't used...but then went to the post and there were black squares instead! Yikes! As for FB, yeah, they've been making it harder for people to see your posts unless you pay to promote them. It's annoying, like bait and switch.