Books to Help Prepare A Child Going to the Hospital

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During our "Meet Me at Mount Sinai" program tour, I was given a "Preparing Children for Surgery handout that covered a range of topics and suggestions from how to talk to you child about their upcoming hospital visit, to dealing with common child fears based on age range, to books with hospital themes you can read with your child.

Books to Prepare A Child Going to the Hospital

1st Note: Book links are amazon affiliate links. Help me earn $$$ to buy chocolate!

2nd Note: I was not compensated or required by Mount Sinai to blog about these books or my experience with the "Meet Me at Mount Sinai" program. I chose to share my experience to help and inform other families about this resource. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

I admit I was surprised (but very please) that there was a suggested book reading list. While in the back of my mind it made sense that books like these were out in the market, I had no clue what books to look for and use. But now with this suggested reading list I had a start.

As I read over the list I was so excited to see authors and publishers I was already familiar with including one of my favorite brands. Sesame Street! Did you know about the book

I quickly starting searching via the New York Public Website for the books on the list. While I was able to find some of the books, sadly others were not available at my local library. Like the Sesame Street book!

Books to Prepare A Child Going to the Hospital

But I wasn't discouraged. First, I check off the books on the list that my local library had and then I did a search for similar books that weren't on the list but still helped a child understand what happens when going to the hospital.

A few books I found included:

My son enjoyed reading and learning more about his upcoming hospital visit. The books helped him understand the "process" in simple child friendly terms. We talk about what happened in the story and how the "child" in the story felt. I think reading these books really helped a lot. For the both of us.

If you are looking for books to help your child prepare for an upcoming visit to the hospital, then try to find these books on the "Meet Me at Mount Sinai" program suggested list:

Going to the hospital, even when it's necessary, can be a scary experience for a child (and adults), hopefully some of the books I've shared will help ease the fears and help both you and your child be ready for the hospital visit. They help us!

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  1. Oh what a great idea - I remember going to the hospital for an opp as a kid and being terrified though I had visited the ward I just had no idea what to expect from the opp itself. x

  2. Great list! I always like to prep my older daughter for a new event with books. It always seems to help.

  3. Good list and great idea, I can see it helping out.

  4. I'm sure going to the hospital for a procedure can be scary for children, but preparing them with age appropriate books is a great idea. Thanks for the round-up of books.

  5. What a great topic! When my daughter had her surgery, she was too tiny to read to and have her understand what was coming up. But for older children, having Elmo explain it all would be a huge comfort.

  6. I didnt even know there were books like this! I wish I had known 2 years ago! Would of made my son getting surgery a lot easier!

  7. what a great idea. my kids are all grown now, but will definitely keep this book list filed until the grandbabies start coming! thanks!