Making Cereal for Breakfast with Milk Unleashed Tetra Pak Boxs Review #MilkUnleashed

by - 9/30/2013 02:39:00 PM

With the start of school, I've started finding little ways to have my son help with getting ready in the morning. Having my son help in simple and little ways can really make the morning routine easier for both of us.

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One area my son was very excited to help with was making breakfast. Or rather making cereal to make breakfast. The idea came to me after reading a chapter in the Sh*tty Mom: The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us book that joked about sleeping late and letting the kids make a mess getting their own breakfast.

Turns out you can let the kids get their own breakfast without a mess. Just take a little planning. In our case I chose the mini cereal boxes and Milk Unleashed Tetra Pak milk boxes.

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The mini cereal boxes are the perfect size and contain the right amount, so my son can pour and eat with no waste. Just a side point. I did prepare the cereal bags by opening them a little for him. Sometimes they can be sealed really tight to open.

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The Milk Unleashed Tetra Pak are filled with real, Grade A milk that is ultra pasteurized and doesn’t require refrigeration until opened (no preservatives added). These single-serving milk boxes are also the perfect size for small hands.

The Tetra Pak can be opened by putting in a straw for drinking directly or by removing the foil that covers a pouring area. From there my son was able to pour the milk into his cereal bowl and then enjoy his breakfast. While there was a little spillage, it was easy clean up unlike would it would be if he had to pour milk from a larger container.

Now in the morning while I get other things ready, my son can help out by making his own breakfast. It's a simple things but it makes him so proud and happy that he can do it himself.

While we used the Milk Unleashed Tetra Pak milk boxes at home for breakfast, there's many other ways to include them into your child lifestyle. Using the Tetra Pak, your child can take milk to the park, sporting events and school – anytime, anywhere. It is the same nutrient-rich Grade A fluid milk – but packaged for convenience.

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  1. My girls have started making their own breakfast too, helps me out in the mornings. Usually, waffles and bagels, so they just have to pop in toaster. Definitely, looking into small milk cart cartons, good tip!

  2. What a fun way to let kids to it themselves without all the mess