Morning Nosebleeds and Our Unbalancing Life

by - 8/10/2014 03:45:00 PM

This morning I woke up at 5am (late for me but hey it Sunday) and planned to catch up with a few things that fell behind this week. I was ready to knock out a couple of things and get back on track for Monday morning.


I really thought I was going to get things done this morning. Naturally something happened to change my morning plans.....

My son woke up and called out "Mommy my nose is bleeding"

Oh dear.

The next hour and a half was spent tending to him. While the nose bleed last about 7mins, he needed me to clean his face and then comfort him back to sleep. After that my "work" mood was broken. It's hard to go from bloody clean up back to social media. At least for me.

And so I sat there in the dark contemplating a few things, including still trying to tackle those morning tasks. But the primary thought above all is how tired I am. Not just because of the early wake up but more about planning my energy for one thing only to have to use it for something else.

The past few weeks for us have been chaotic. Seriously. But I've been able to keep things balanced little by little, bit by bit, step by get it right?

Each day brings something new and unexpected. I've been amazed how many things can come up that I don't expect. But yet I find a way to deal with things and keep our lives in balance.

But I can't keep this up for much long and little by little, bit by bit, step by step.....things are starting to be too much. The structure and balance I've struggled to maintain the past few months is quickly becoming unstructured.....and unbalanced.

I'm wondering what my next steps should be. Should I try to rally my energy to once again balance things out the old way? And then wait till the next unplanned situation? I might be able to keep things together till I get over this latest life hump. Then things should be ok right?

Or should I just let things topple and see what can be picked up later.....and maybe I'll discover a new and different way of doing things. Something I wouldn't have discovered if I didn't let it all break. But what will I lose in the process? After things should be ok right?

At this stage I'm so over the life "process" and wish I can just get to the point where things should be ok...

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