We're Ready for Saban's Power Rangers Dino Charge

by - 2/01/2015 12:22:00 PM

The start of the New Year is a great time to get charged up! My son and I are ready for a new year of adventure and fun so we looked forward to getting our first package from Saban Brands for 2015.

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Note: I'm part of Saban’s Power Rangers Parents program and will share monthly information and news about their products. Product samples provided for review purposes. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

This year the Saban Brand-Bassador program has morphed into the Power Rangers Parents blogger program! I'll be sure to tell you more about the program and how I'll share Power Rangers branded information in another post. But first I want to share with you what's in our package and the latest Power Ranger news!

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This month our package was filled with lots of cool Power Ranger items to help us get ready for Power Rangers Dino Charge, the newest season of the Power Rangers series.

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Inside our box we found an Armored Dino Red Ranger from Bandai America Inc. ($16.99) - Battle as a normal Power Ranger or power up your Ranger with the included weapons and battle gear.

 photo powerrangersdino3_zpsd5cc79bc.jpg
 photo powerrangersdino5_zps3b06b17d.jpg

Multiple battle combinations with all of the included accessories help provide endless play. These figures also feature over 20 points of articulation to create the most realistic and amazing battle poses.

 photo powerrangersdino1_zps5d878293.jpg

Our box also included:
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge t-shirt ($9.99) Available at Party City
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Morpher from Bandai America Inc. ($29.99) - Collect the Dino Chargers to activate an array of Dino Spirit Energy powers and Zords to help the Rangers defend the planet! The Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher comes with 2 Dino Chargers.
 photo dinochargeapp_zpse657fbd7.jpg
  • And with the Power Rangers Dino Charge Scanner App (available on iTunes and Android) for smartphones and tablets, you can scan your Dino Chargers to morph into a Ranger and battle villains on your device!
  • Dino Charge Paper Masks ($3.99) - Each mask is designed to look just like one of the Dino Rangers' helmets. They come in Tyrannosaurus Ranger Red, Para Ranger Black, Raptor Ranger Green, and Stego Ranger Blue. Packaged in quantities of 8.

 photo powerrangersdino6_zps861cd04c.jpg

In addition to these products, we also received an activity sheet from the emPOWER program. Through Power Rangers emPOWER, the Rangers teach kids and families how to put the Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action.

My son filled out his emPOWER activity sheet and listed what he'll do everyday for 60 minutes including playing soccer and reading. You and your child can also print and fill out their own emPOWER activity sheet.

To learn more about emPOWER program, visit - www.empower.powerrangers.com

Now for the latest Power Ranger News! This year, Saban Brands and Nickelodeon will debut the 22nd season of the iconic Power Rangers franchise, Power Rangers Dino Charge, on Saturday, Feb. 7, at 12 p.m. (ET/PT). The new season will deliver more dino-charged action and adventure than ever before, with an out-of-this-world storyline and an epic new team of Rangers.

You can watch a sneak peek trailer of the all-new season!

In Power Rangers Dino Charge, an alien entrusted powerful Energems to 10 dinosaurs, but when the dinosaurs went extinct, the Energems were lost. Now, an intergalactic bounty hunter is determined to reclaim the Energems and rule the universe, destroying our planet in the process. A new team of Power Rangers must find the lost Energems and use their Dino Chargers to power up an arsenal of dino-fueled weapons, zords and Megazords to save the world!

New episodes from this larger-than-life season will continue to air every Saturday at 12 p.m. on Nickelodeon in the U.S., with encore episodes airing Sundays at 8 a.m. on Nickelodeon and Saturdays at 7 p.m. on Nicktoons.

Power Ranger fans get ready!

To learn more about the Power Rangers, visit - www.powerrangers.com

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/powerrangerspics

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  1. What a great box of goodies. My son has always loved the Power Rangers.

  2. What a great box of goodies. My son has always loved the Power Rangers.

  3. I remember when my daughter was really into Power Rangers. I love that it's still popular.

  4. My son would love this! He's really into super heroes, and Power Rangers are definitely super powered!

  5. I never really got into the Power Rangers, but I have a friend who never lost his love for them. Did you know there's a Power Rangers movie coming out? I didn't either, but my friend told me ALL about it. =D

  6. I'm so jealous of that kid. Saw the first episode Dino Charge and your kid will love it. A smart show too.

  7. My kids grew up on Power Rangers. They had life sized stuffed animals, pink, red and pink.

  8. How fun that Power Rangers continue to teach kids the right way to live. Some toys just never go out of style.

  9. Davey loves to play with Power Rangers. I can remember his uncle Jason also loving them.

  10. My nephew is pretty excited as well! My daughter used to watch Power Rangers too!

  11. He looks so excited! I bet a lot of kids can't wait either!

  12. My son's best friend is obsessed with Power Rangers! He would love these!

  13. That's a nice set of toys! It looks like you and your son had a great time.

  14. Looks like this package was fun and right up his alley! :-)

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  15. My son loves Power Rangers. Looks like your son enjoyed checking out his goodies.

  16. That is awesome. Looks like a great box of fun.

  17. $3.99 for the mask! That's a total deal. :) My son likes Power Rangers. My oldest and his cousin loved them years ago too. They've got good staying power.

  18. My girls, especially my oldest, is addicted to Power Rangers. She's my little tomboy.