Social Protection Monitors Child's Social Media Accounts

by - 3/31/2015 10:12:00 AM

With so many kids now on social media, parents are dealing with new concerns including questionable sharing practices, cyberbullying, and even sexual predators. One of the best ways for parents to protect their children is by monitoring their child's social media accounts.

Social Protection Monitors Child's Social Media Accounts

A new application called Social Protection, developed by a father and son, Robert and Justin Beegel, offers five powerful tools in one program that helps parents protect their children who have social accounts on Facebook and Instagram, without restricting their online social life.

“We wanted parents to have a set of tools to help them deal with the potential dangers presented by today’s social media landscape,” noted Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Beegel. “Our mission, passion and focus are clear: make sure kids are safe and parents are informed and empowered.”

Social Protection Monitors Child's Social Media Accounts

SocialProtection is an online social media monitoring service that offers robust 24/7 protection, enabling parents to proactively monitor language, behavior and online photos.

The Social Protection app isn’t spyware, while it doesn't give access to the child’s Facebook or Instagram profiles, it does alert a parent via text message or email about situations that may need attention such as questionable or dangerous content or photos posted.

Social Protection Monitors Child's Social Media Accounts

The five key features of Social Protection include:
  • Facebook and Instagram Alerts – Sends emails and text alerts letting parents know they need to login on to their Social Protection Parent Dashboard to review potentially harmful content or images in their child’s Facebook or Instagram accounts.
  • Language Alert – Watches for conversations or postings displaying potentially dangerous language, such as violent or aggressive bullying, which may indicate a dangerous situation for a child.
  • Photo Monitor – Scans and watches for dangerous and humiliating posted photos on Instagram and Facebook that may affect a child’s safety or future.
  • Curfew Alert – Allows parents to set Facebook curfew times, and if their child breaks curfew, it lets parents to find out who they are chatting with after curfew.
  • Photo Delete – Enables parents to decide with their children which Facebook or Instagram photos are inappropriate and should be deleted to avoid embarrassment.
Social Protection may be purchased online for $9.95 per month and includes a free 30-day trial for parents to try it.

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