YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes #YMCASplashWeek

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This week starts Splash Week, when New York City’s YMCA opens its pools to help NYC children and their families get ready for summer swim season and learn the basics of water fun and safety.

YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes

Note: I was invited as media to this event. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

To learn more about YMCA Splash Week activities, I attended a media event at the McBurney YMCA and spoke with YMCA’s VP of Healthy Lifestyles and the YMCA’s Aquatics Specialist and as well as previewed a class in session.

I also took a photo with the YMCA logo but that was just a media perk!

YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes
YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes

“With hundreds of pools and 14 miles of beaches, NYC is a fabulous place to discover the joy of swimming,” said Lori Rose Benson, Vice President of Healthy Lifestyles. “Through Splash Week, we invite families to celebrate our love of the water and share in our long tradition of helping young people learn basic swim skills and water safety practices in a safe and affirming environment.”

This year the YMCA Splash Week happens during Spring Break, when parents, guardians and children can attend FREE Splash Week classes throughout the week of April 6-10 at 19 Y branches located throughout the five boroughs – including two new facilities in Coney Island and the Rockaways which boast two of the City’s largest aquatics centers. The classes cover various age groups and swimming abilities.

YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes
YMCA Splash Week 2015 Offers Free Swim Safety Classes

The NYC YMCA also shared these 7 helpful tips to keep children and teens safe and injury-free in the water this summer:

  • Grow Guppies into Sharks: Starting early can help teach even the youngest children to be comfortable – and safe – in and around the water. Exposing children to the water at an early age can also help educate parents about safe swim practices.
  • Set the Right Ground Rules: Teach children to never run, push or jump on others in and around the pool, and to always swim within designated areas that are within sight of guardians and certified lifeguards.
  • Use the Buddy System: One of the first swim safety rules to teach children is to never swim alone. Always designate swimming buddies and, for young children or those still learning to swim, ensure they are within arm’s reach of an adult while in the water.
  • Set the Pace: Time flies when you’re having fun in the water, and an important lesson is learning to avoid losing steam mid-swim. Make sure children take rests, stay hydrated and fuel up with healthy, light snacks when swimming.
  • Never Leave a Child Unattended Near the Water: Always actively supervise children when they’re in and around the water; ensure that pools are secured with appropriate barriers; and require young children to be within arm’s reach of a guardian.
  • Use Life Vests and Flotation Devices the Right Way: Make sure children always wear life jackets during all boating activities and use proper water safety and coastguard approved flotation devices. Keep emergency flotation devices separate from water toys and never remove one without a replacement.
  • Get Certified: If you have or care for small children, it’s a good idea to become certified in infant and child First Aid and CPR.

To learn more about the YMCA Splash Week, visit www.ymcanyc.org/SplashWeek

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