Birthday Party Ideas at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers

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Each year as it closer to my son's birthday month, I try to think of new ways to celebrate his birthday. This year my son will turn 7 years old and the same birthday activities we did when he was 5 won't do. Now instead of just enjoying cake and ice cream with his friends, he'd rather enjoy activities while having fun.

 photo bowlmorpiers_zpsbwtqrovw.jpg

Note: I was invited as media to visit Bowlmor Chelsea Piers to try out the activities for review purpose. However, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

So a few weeks ago we met up with some of my son's friends and headed over to Bowlmor Chelsea Piers to learn more about their ultimate birthday party ideas and activities families can enjoy.

Did you know that in addition to the house specialty (bowling), families can enjoy two new additions to this spectacular birthday spot including a 1,500-square-foot gravity-ropes course and an NYC-themed laser-tag arena!

 photo bowlmorpiers1_zps9nmqdgij.jpg

To start off the fun, we tried out the bowling lanes since it's always a great activity for kids. My son and his friends were excited to see who can knock down the most pins.

 photo bowlmorpiers2_zpsrlipjdt1.jpg

I tried to join my son but he wanted to do it by himself. Excuse me!

 photo bowlmorpiers3_zpshc5e63q7.jpg

He's first try wasn't exactly professional and his technique needed some work.....

 photo bowlmorpiers4_zpsszbircht.jpg

But after getting some suggestions, he was much better with his bowling technique. He even managed to get a strike here and there.

 photo bowlmorpiers5_zpsvjjiru1c.jpg

But the kids weren't the only ones. The parents also joined them and enjoying some bowling time.

 photo bowlmorpiers6_zpsjulunrwj.jpg

After bowling the kids were ready to try out the rope course. I was going to join them but my sister beat me to it. Besides someone had to stay on the ground and take the photos right?

 photo bowlmorpiers7_zps9ij5i7ge.jpg

The kids (and my sister) were put into harness for safety. Those harness would then be buckled to lead ropes along the course walk to keep them from falling.

 photo bowlmorpiers8_zpsclwidptd.jpg

Before going up, they received safety instructions and then up they went

 photo bowlmorpiers9_zpsnvpmm4oy.jpg

While the kids can walk the rope course alone, if they get nervous one of the staff will go up and help them either along the course or down. Seems my son had a change of mind once he walked one part of the course. But he was helped down safe and sound.

 photo bowlmorpiers10_zpswdly2amk.jpg

Meanwhile the other child walk all along the course and had a blast.

 photo bowlmorpiers11_zpszxodnlqq.jpg

My sister....well..... lets just say good thing her friend was there to offer a helping hand.

 photo bowlmorpiers16_zpssxp7fwvt.jpg

Soon it was time to come back to the ground for a group game of lazer tag at Urban Mission, an NYC-themed laser-tag arena featuring a Central Park briefing room and mock Washington Square Park arch that players can pass under via elevated platform.

 photo bowlmorpiers17_zpscd94vrh9.jpg

To say we enjoyed playing lazer tag is an understatement. We had a BLAST. The area was just the right size for chasing friends around but not getting lost. There was sections to sneak attack (like me) and open areas to get your opponent (everyone else).

The gear was super cool and like most lazer tag clothing gave off sounds and flashing lights when you were hit. A good thing cause some people refused to believe that hit. Ha!

As you can see we had a great time! I highly recommend having a birthday party at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers. For those interested, the birthday party packages all include unlimited bowling, shoe rental, kid-friendly cuisine with the option to add on cake, gift bags, or a signable bowling pin. You can add on the rope course and lazer tag as options for a price.

While we really enjoyed these 3 activities there's lots more to do at Bowlmor Chelsea Piers including playing games and enjoy a meal.

To learn more and book a birthday party, visit -

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