Meeting Peppa Pig at the Bronx Children's Zoo ReOpening

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A few weeks ago the Bronx Zoo’s Children’s Zoo had it's grand re-opening and Peppa Pig, star of the animated TV series airing daily on Nick Jr., was there to welcome families for a fun filled weekend at the zoo!

Meeting Peppa Pig at the Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

Note: As media, I received tickets to review the exhibit. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

Peppa appeared at the Bronx Zoo in celebration of the grand re-opening of the Children’s Zoo as a result of the partnership between Entertainment One (the makers of Peppa Pig) and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Meeting Peppa Pig at the Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We were excited to meet Peppa Pig! But it seems we weren't the only ones. There was a seriously long line to meet her. This is just a photo of the front. The line went all the way back.

Meeting Peppa Pig at the Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We decided to skip the link and enjoy the Peppa Pig activities in the waiting area. Ironically we were so close to the photo area, we were able to sneak a photo with Peppa Pig. Sorry to photo bomb that family. LOL

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

After visiting with Peppa Pig, we headed over to check out the renovation Children’s Zoo and see the new animals and exhibits. Once inside, we were stopped and invited to be part of the Adventure Club for the day.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We received a back pack filled with binoculars, magnifying glass and other items my son could use as he went around the zoo. My son used his items to see the animals up close an personal.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

All that observing of course led to LOTS of questions about the animals and their habitats. Thankfully we found helpful guides along the way to answer my son's questions like

"Why do flamingos stand on one foot?"

The guide explained that flamingos do so much standing and sometimes they need to rest their feet (I'm paraphrasing)

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

But my son wasn't the only one with questions, another guide has a question for my him.

"What do you notice about the spider monkeys?"

Turns out spider Monkeys don't come to the ground a lot. They prefer to stay in the trees (Again, I'm paraphrasing)

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We left the active spider monkeys to visit the slower, much slower moving Two- toed Sloth, one of the new additions to the zoo. It was fun to watch him move. Or rather sorta move.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We said goodbye to the sloth in his tree and headed over to a tree that was much more kid friendly. This one even had a slide! My son joined the other kids taking turns climbing up and sliding down.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

While being in the tree house was fun, we had to move along to the Children's Farm to feed the animals! My son had a blast feeding, petting and meeting a variety of animals including a donkey, turkey and roosters who were out for a stroll.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

Besides the animals, we enjoy hanging out on the tractor. City kids don't often get a chance to see real farm machinery so that was a real treat.

Bronx Zoo Children's Zoo ReOpening

We had a fun day at The Children’s Zoo at WCS’s Bronx Zoo and plan to go back soon to see more animals and yes go down the tree house slide again.

Plan to visit The Children’s Zoo at WCS’s Bronx Zoo? Here's some information

Species new to the Children’s Zoo include giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), Linne’s Two- toed Sloth (Choloepus didactylus), South American coatimundi (Nasua nasua) and the world’s smallest deer: the pudu (Pudu puda).

Other wildlife favorites returning to the children’s zoo include American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis), black-tailed prairie dogs (Cynomys ludovicianus), and South American squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) which now live on an island habitat surrounded by wading Caribbean flamingoes (Phoenicopterus ruber) and other dabbing waterfowl.

The exhibit maintain the walk-through trail experience and key features such as the aviary, prairie dog tunnels, bird nests, turtle shells, and tree house slide that have become iconic and a source of nostalgia for many.

WCS worked with author/ artist Brendan Wenzel on the new whimsically illustrated interpretive graphics that identify species, provide key facts about the animals, and educate about the species’ conservation needs in the wild.

Canon has generously sponsored the transformation of the Children’s Zoo, including the enhanced animal exhibits, colorful updated graphics, and innovative play experiences.

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