NYSCI Exhibit "The Moment" Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

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This month, I attended a media preview for the latest exhibition "The Moment" put together by The New York Hall of Science (NYSCI) and the Taiwanese American Arts Council. The temporary exhibition will display works by 14 Taiwanese artists using various media to explore the idea of “the moment” and technology.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists
NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

Note: As media, I received a preview the exhibit. No other compensation was received. Views expressed are always 100% my own.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

During the preview I had a chance to meet with some of the artist and members of Taiwanese American Arts Council to learn more about the idea behind "The Moment" exhibition

The concept of The Moment is to investigate the play of the virtual and the real, inward and outward, or a view of self in the outside environment. The 14 artists in the exhibition comment upon this intersection of the inner mind and the outside environment using a variety of media, including photography, painting, interactive media, video, animation, poetry and even 3D body scanning

Each artist shared a bit about their background and what their artwork represented. While they all had in common the theme of "The Moment", how they expressed it was unique to them and the medium they used in their artwork.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

In HsiangLu Meng "Parts of a Whole", buttons with various faces are used to show the isolation and later connection she felt when she first lived in the USA. While it may seem we're different based on race and culture, we all have similar elements that connect us as humans.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

In NI Hao "Window IV, III", at first glance it's just stickers on a window sill, but there's a deeper meaning about using common objects (stickers) for creative expression in the window of the world.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

For Chemin Hsiao "My Journey to the West" his mural features elements both eastern and western that highlights his struggle with both coming to the USA for studying and the inner journey he went through while here.

NYSCI Exhibit The Moment Features 14 Taiwanese Artists

There's lots more concepts and ideas explored in "The Moment" exhibition ranging from nature, school memories, beauty concepts and even our interdependence with technology. There's lots to experience and explore with the interactive exhibits.

"The Moment" exhibition, curated by C.J. Yeh and Luchia Meihua Lee, will be on view at NYSCI from August 9 through September 13, 2015 and is free with general museum admission.

Meet the Artists: August 25, 2015

Artists Mennie Hsiu-Ying Sen (Lettergraphy) and Yu-Ting Feng (Dear Deer) will be onsite to discuss their artworks, beginning at noon. Audience members will then have the opportunity to interact with Lettergraphy and Dear Deer with the artists present to ask questions and take their turn at the compositions that the works request. Participants will be able to return at 3 pm to pick up their own printed works.

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