My Son's First WWE SummerSlam 2015 #WWEMoms

by - 9/07/2015 11:29:00 AM

A few weeks ago my son attended his first WWE SummerSlam and it was a moment he'll remember for many years to come.

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Note: I received tickets to Summerslam 2015. I'm part of the WWE #WWEMoms Ambassador Program and will share information about their activities and products. Any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

After joining me for various WWE events including meeting Seth Rollins at Toy"R"Us and receiving a WWE SummerSlam package, my son was pumped up. Literally. We couldn't make our way to Barclay Center fast enough for him!

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Once there we made sure to stop and have some photo booth fun and do our part to spread the new about The Bully Text Game: Superstar Edition program.

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We also checked out the latest WWE & Mattel figures and playsets. I gotta get us one of those rings and wrestling figures!

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Then it was time for the show! We join other blogging families including DadaRocks, Gay NYC Dad and Eighty MPH Mom to enjoy some wrestling action!

The show started off with Jon Stewart, which was interesting for me (who knew who he was) and for my son (who had no idea who he was). Jon did a few skits including one with Foley.

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Then Randy Orton (dreamy sigh) did his viper thing but lost to Sheamus mohawk. I didn't expect that. My son was wondered why I was booing. Anyway.

 photo summerslam1512_zpskhsyynsr.jpg
 photo summerslam1513_zpsjleed60t.jpg

Then an usual tag team match with Neville and Arrow Stephen Amell vs Stardust and King Barrett. Of course Stephen Amell won. I was impressed he held his own in the ring and even did an Arrow meme.

 photo summerslam1514_zpsidvox37u.jpg

While all this was exciting us (me mostly since I knew who everyone was), my son was just excited to get to the next match. But he had to wait between the lovely smartphone light show the crowd did. It was a touching moment! Ha!

 photo summerslam1515_zpswjmnofxp.jpg

Then....the main least for my son. John Cena is one of my son's favorite wrestlers but after meeting Seth a few days before SummerSlam...John Cena lost some points. Sorry John.

 photo summerslam1517_zpsbhvgmtyp.jpg

So the match was a sit on the edge of your seat for me and my son. That is till Jon Stewart came in with the chair move.

After that, it was all over and Seth Rollins was the new United States Champion along with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. My son took the news well and didn't grudge Seth his win.

 photo summerslam1518_zpsmdm5gw6i.jpg

The last match of the night was a bit scary for my son. So I had to comfort and explain he's not "real" scary since he's not use to the showman ship of the Undertaker. There was fire! There was lightening! There was organ music!

The match itself left me a bit confused but all that action left no question it was the match to close the show. It all took me back to the days when I was my son's age. Yes I've been a fan of wrestling since then.

So as you can see my son's first SummerSlam was a great experience and left him with amazing memories. Thank you WWE!

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