Being Active and Comfortable in Converse Chuck II Kids Sneakers

by - 5/03/2016 07:08:00 AM

My son is a very active child. So I need to find him footwear that will be comfortable and long lasting, while he zooms around doing all sorts of things.

 photo danchucks1_zpsmpwirlgd.jpg

Note: I was invited as media to this event and received a product sample for review purpose. However any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

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When I was invited to attend the launch of the Chuck II Kids collect, I was really excited.

 photo danchucks3_zpslyaai4ok.jpg
 photo danchucks4_zpszqaenemt.jpg

I wanted to learn more about the Chuck II features, which includes a Nike Lunarlon sockliner, super soft micro-suede lining, a padded non-slip tongue, an embroidered All Star patch and monochrome matte eyelets.

That sounds like a lot for a kids sneaker right? But as any parent knows, you need something like this when your child spends the day.....

 photo danchucks5_zpsvgk9lnlo.jpg

Climbing everything at the playground.....

 photo danchucks6_zps2ahyotdo.jpg

Going through obstacle and balances courses.....

 photo danchucks7_zpsh9c2chqr.jpg

Playing street hockey.....

 photo danchucks8_zpsghjbyz3r.jpg

Bouncing on a pogo stick.....

 photo danchucks9_zpsqqmusr3g.jpg

Playing handball.....

 photo danchucks10_zpso7xznszs.jpg

And joining other kids in a soccer game......

Did I mention this is ALL in ONE DAY?!

So yes those Chuck II kids sneakers need to be able to hang with my son. And I'm impressed that they did. Before each change of activity I asked my son how his feet felt, did they hurt, was he feeling soreness anywhere, did he need to rest?

Each time he said nah, he was good. Those Chuck II sneakers kept him comfortable and supported so he could be active and happy. Plus they were stylish so he was able to look good while doing everything. LOL

 photo chucksii_zpsxgwxrpmx.jpg

The Chuck II kids sneakers are available for purchase at Converse retail and online stores. They come in Black, White, Blue, Red and Black Monochrome and retails between $40-$60 USD for the low-tops and $45-$65 USD for the hi-tops

To learn more about the Chuck II sneakers, visit -

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  1. My son has almost outgrown his shoes, I know he would love these. When the school year comes back around I may buy him a pair just like this.

  2. I love Chucks. I stole my very first pair from my younger brother when I was 11. I continue to wear them today!

  3. My youngest daughter would love a pair of Chucks. I had a pair of pink hi tops when I was a kid and I loved them.

  4. Those sneakers look great. Converse is such a great shoe company. My son would love these.

  5. LOVE the red! They seem like super functional and fashionable finds!

  6. I adore Chucks, and have several of my own pairs. I think when kids wear them, it's the cutest thing in the world!

  7. I love Chucks!! All my grandkids need new shoes and I'm thinking these will be perfect!

  8. Chucks are the shoe of choice at our house! I love all the new features the new Chuck II has to offer. They look very durable!

  9. I love these shoes! I love how fashionable they are. Converse are such great shoes. I know many that have had at least one pair of Converse!

  10. My youngest son is sitting next to me and now wants a pair! I think I grew up in Converse. They had great quality shoes back then, hope they are still the same since it looks like my little man will end up in them.

  11. The Chuck II kids sneakers are so cute. They would be a great gift for my friends little guy.

  12. These shoes are adorable. They look so comfortable and stylish. My Son would love a pair of Chuck II kids sneakers.

  13. My kids love this style of shoe. I like the red color. They will go with a bunch of outfits.

  14. These sneakers remind me of my childhood when Chuck Taylors were all the rage.

  15. My daughter would probably love these. She likes these types of shoes.

  16. Absolutely love the monochrome black - whenever I shop for Converse of any style, monochrome black is one that I would automatically go for. However, the red color your son has is really radiant, too! Looks great.

  17. Your son is adorable. And wearing his red Converse Chucks only adds to his cute overall look.

  18. Your little man is really handsome, I'm sure this is also perfect for my son.

  19. My daughter lives in Chucks. I think she owns about 8 or 9 pairs.

  20. I love Chucks. These are also super cute.