3 Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year of the Rooster #cyn17 #mkbkids

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Are you ready to celebrate Year of the Rooster? The Rooster is one of the 12-year animals appearing in the Chinese calendar, which gets celebrated each Lunar New Year!

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So what are some ways families can celebrate "Year of the Rooster"? You could do a traditional activity like giving out red envelopes or going to see a dragon dance at a local parade. But that's not the only way to celebrate.

There's many different ways for families can join and honor this culture holiday. Here are 3 non-traditional ways.

3 Simple Ways to Celebrate Lunar New Year of the Rooster

Visit a farm or zoo

There's nothing like seeing animals live and in person. Most of the Chinese calendar animals can be found at a zoo or farm. Kids will love interacting with them and learning how these animals are part of our lives. Bonus points if you can find a real life Rooster. But if not then a regular chicken or other type of bird is just as good!

Go out to dinner with family and friends

Traditionally families go for dimsum but it's not the only yummy foods to enjoy. The idea behind sharing a meal is about bonding and sharing good wishes for the New Year. Families can enjoy a meal of most things including long noddles (pasta), long leafy greens (broccoli/spinach/etc), Fish (with the head and tail intact), Pork (chops!) and ironically Chicken (sorry Rooster)

Visit local library or book store

Learning more about Roosters or the Lunar New Year is a great reason to pick up a few books. There's many fun books to read from picture books for young kids to history, culture and everything else for adults.

This year I plan on doing all 3 of these things with my son to honor the Lunar New Year, which is a part of his culture.

If you're curious what we've done each year, you can read my previous posts

As you can see there's so many ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Learn more ways by visiting the other blogs in the 3rd annual Chinese New Year blog hop!

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This year I'm joining Multicultural Kid Blogs to share ideas for families looking to join in the celebration.

Lunar New Year, more commonly known as Chinese New Year, starts on January 28. It is the beginning of the Year of the Rooster, and we have lots of great ideas for celebrating it with kids! Don't miss our series from 2016 and 2015, and you can find even more on our Chinese New Year Pinterest board:

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  1. We had a wonderful dinner with dumplings, rice to celebrate. I really do miss not being so close to downtown Flushing, we enjoyed the parade! I hope you enjoy #CNY17,

  2. Yum dumplings. We had a great start of our Lunar New Year also! You can also always come into NYC for a visit!