Osmo iPhone Base for Educational Fun Anywhere

by - 9/05/2017 08:11:00 AM

Osmo, the award-winning platform transforming the way kids play and learn, has expanded to the iPhone.

Osmo iPhone Base expands educational and fun experiences that teach with technology to naturally captivate kids’ attention. Using its proprietary Reflective Artificial Intelligence, it turns the area in front of the iPhone into a physical playspace that controls the screen.

The result is a magical experience that reinvents timeless activities like drawing, storytelling and spelling.

Osmo iPhone Base is required before purchasing any of Osmo’s games and will support the full Osmo universe of experiences, including:

  • Coding Awbie ($49) - Introduce kids to computer science in a fun adventure where physical, Lego-like blocks of code guide a friendly monster on an adventure
  • Monster ($49) Osmo’s ‘Pixar studio in a Box,’ - Teaches storytelling and creative thinking as kids become the directors and illustrators of an animated short whose main character is a loveable monster that literally pulls drawings into his world
  • Masterpiece (Part of Featured Osmo Bundles) - Learn to draw anything as Masterpiece turns pictures into sketchable templates; artists choose from endless drawings in Osmo’s library or snap an original photo to draw and share with family and friends
  • Words (Part of Featured Osmo Bundles) - Practice spelling and increase vocabularies in this competitive game that has kids racing to guess what word is hidden inside a photo
  • Pizza Co. ($39) Run a pizza shop to practice math skills, learn financial basics and how to please customers

Osmo iPhone Base is compatible with iPhone 6 and up. It is available for preorder for $29.99 at Amazon.com and www.playosmo.com

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