3 Reasons to Watch Disney Fancy Nancy Series

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Premiering on Disney Junior, “Fancy Nancy” is an animated family comedy centered around Nancy, a 6 year old girl who likes to be fancy in everything from her vocabulary to her elaborate attire.

To learn more about this fancy new series, I attended a screening and Q&A with Executive Producer/Director Jamie Mitchell and Story Editor Krista Tucker

Note: Marvel Studios, Freeform and Disney Junior invited me on this all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for the Ant-Man and The Wasp Event. While I will share different events and activities during the trip, any personal views expressed are always 100% my own.

After screening the episodes Chez Nancy and School de Fancy, I think its a cute series for kids who like to be "extra". HA! Kids will enjoy watching Nancy interaction with her friends as she tries to teach them the "fancier" things in life.

Here's 3 Reasons for Families to Watch Disney's Fancy Nancy Series

The learning moments - Nancy sometimes have very big ideas. While her friends try to support her, things don't always go the way she wants. But in the end Nancy and her friends learn a few lessons on life and friendship. These lessons are also useful for kids and families to learn and discuss.

Real french words and culture - Yes what Nancy says is based on real french words and culture. A french consultant was used during development of the show to make things authentic.

Original Story-lines - Only 2 of the books were adapted into episodes. Everything else is original new stories. For kids and families who have read all the books, this series offers something fresh and new.

Want to know more about Disney Fancy Nancy? Watch the below video where Nancy reveals five magnifique things about herself!

Spend more time with Nancy and all her friends in the new series, Fancy Nancy, coming to Disney Junior the Channel, Video on Demand and DisneyNOW on Friday, July 13!


Excited to experience what the magnificent world has to offer, Nancy uses her ingenuity and imagination as she learns that while life doesn’t always go as planned, it’s important to celebrate the differences that make everyone unique.

Based on the “Fancy Nancy,” book series by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser, Disney Junior"Fancy Nancy" stories are geared towards kids age 2-7, and have an underlying theme of self-expression and love of family as they follow the adventures of a girl who likes to be fancy in everything.

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