Code & Learn toys by The Learning Journey

by - 9/06/2018 09:57:00 AM

The Learning Journey's "Code & Learn" line of toys teach young children the basics of coding and programming through interactive play. These fun and educational coding toys teach sequencing, directions, problem solving and logic.

CODE & LEARN LADYBUG $39.99, Ages 5+ years.

CODE & LEARN SPACE SHIP $39.99, Ages 5+ years

Introduce children to basic programming and coding with these fun, light up, infrared remote control playmates. In mode one, use the coding card deck and color grid map to challenge your child to find the right path to a destination by entering directional instructions into the remote control.

Hit go and they will know they got to the right place when the cockpit of the ship or antennae of the ladybug light up the color of the mat square they land on. If it matches the card they are correct!

Mode two allows your child to “drive” the remote control playmate around for freewheeling fun. A great tool for learning sequencing, directions, problem solving and logic.

These products align with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) standards. Requires three AA batteries (included) and two AAA batteries (not included).

Code & Learn Ladybug and Space Ship are available at major retailers, specialty stores nationwide and at The Learning Journey website.

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