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by - 3/01/2020 10:45:00 AM

One of the nice things about living in PA is being closer to nature. I've started looking at nature focused activities and places we can enjoy as a family, and discovered the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, who's dedicated to growing the organic movement through rigorous research, farmer training, and consumer education.

The Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which offers lots of events and activities both for families and individuals interested in organic lifestyles. As a family we're planning on visiting to be part of their "Earth Day at the Farm" event.

Since I live in the area, I reached out to learn more and the Rodale Institute was excited to share about their programs including their new family-focused initiative called Grow Clean Water.

Rodale Institute, the global leader in regenerative organic agriculture, recently launched a “Grow Clean Water” initiative aimed at educating families in the Philadelphia region about the connection between farming practices and healthy rivers and streams.

The initiative, funded by the William Penn Foundation, is part of a larger project to reduce agricultural runoff in the Delaware River Watershed, a watershed which spans parts of 4 states and provides drinking water to more than 13 million people including residents of New York City, Trenton, Wilmington, and Philadelphia.

With nearly 15,000 farms in the watershed, agriculture comprises a large portion of its land use and erosion, pesticides, and fertilizers from farm fields are its largest pollutants—harming both wildlife and human health.

The Grow Clean Water campaign teaches families that supporting healthy farms, such as organic farms using practices like reduced tillage, crop rotation, and composting, can have a positive impact on both soil and clean water. The campaign educates families to look for the “Certified Organic” label to learn more about a farm’s practices.

Families can learn more about this important issue through educational videos and content, and pledge to support clean water.

Families that sign the pledge will receive a free pledge kit (valued at $15) containing an organic herb grow kit, recipes, informational poster & stickers, a reusable organic sandwich bag, a postcard to thank a local farmer, and more.

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